HayMax Kids wins mums’ approval

HayMax’s new allergen barrier balm for children, HayMax Kids, has won a bronze award from Mother & Baby, the UK’s No.1 pregnancy, baby and toddler magazine. Tested by mums, the awards have been running for 23 years and are the most rigorous awards in the industry.

Inventor of HayMax Kids, Max Wiseberg comments: “This award means so much to me as HayMax Kids was originally created in answer to a common question from mums: ‘is HayMax suitable for kids?’ And now so many of these mums have voted for it, as a loved and trusted brand for their little ones’ allergies. I’m proud to say that this is our 45th award for HayMax.”

HayMax Kids is an organic drug-free allergen barrier balm that helps trap pollen, dust and pet allergens. When applied around the base of the nostrils (and around the bones of the eyes if desired) it forms an invisible barrier that traps pollen and dust and pet allergens before they enter the body. As long as this is enough to keep your child below their sensitivity level, their symptoms won’t be triggered.

It is available for pharmacy and the retail trade from wholesalers and has an RRP of £6.99 per pot. For more information, contact HayMax on 01525 406600 or visit haymax.biz

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