Another triumphant Natural Pharmacy Business Product Awards for 2017

Recognising the very best natural healthcare products on the market, the Natural Pharmacy Business magazine Product Awards recognise the fantastic brands and innovative manufactures that are making a real difference to people’s health and lives across the UK.

This year, the 2017 Natural Pharmacy Business Product Awards in association with the Pharmacy Show took place 8-9 October at the NEC Birmingham and was bigger and better than ever. The awards received a record number of votes in print, digital and at the show from pharmacists who wanted to give recognition to the natural products that had been a big part of their business that year. The categories and results as follows:

Best Mother & Baby Care

Winner: Bio-Kult – Infantis www.bio-kult.com
Highly Commended: A Nelson – Teetha www.nelsonsbaby.com

Best New Product

Winner: Pharma Medico – LithoLexal www.litholexal.co.uk

Highly Commended: Lifeplan – Super Herbs www.lifeplan.co.uk

Best Personal/Body Care

Winner: JĀSÖN Natural Care – Simply Coconut Cream Toothpaste www.kinetic4health.co.uk

Highly Commended: Savant – Cleanmarine MenoMin www.savant-health.com

Best Supplement & Herbal

Winner: Solgar – Solgar 7 www.solgar.co.uk/move

Highly Commended: Nutri Advanced – Vitamin D3 Lemon Melts www.nutriadvanced.co.uk

Pharmacy Favourite

Winner: Helios – Hay Fever www.helios.co.uk

Highly Commended: Pillar Healthcare – Pre-conceive www.pillarhealthcare.com

Chris Keeble, C. E. O. of Pharma Medico, winners of Best New Product 2017 with LithoLexal said: “As with most businesses, Pharma Medico see innovative, life enhancing, preferably clinically proven, new products as the life blood of Independent Pharmacies.”

“Thankfully, the Natural Pharmacy Business Magazine provide a great platform for such companies to create enhanced awareness for new products at the annual Pharmacy Show through its Product Award initiative, and it was at this years Pharmacy Show that our latest new brand – LithoLexal, a new generation of bone and joint health supplements – was recognised by pharmacies as the Best New Product at the show.”

“We were extremely honoured to receive the Natural Pharmacy Business Product Award, which now has pride of place in our office, and see this as the perfect recognition for a brand that has 25 scientific studies completed to date and look forward to developing the brand with the support of the Independent Pharmacies over the coming months.”

Hayley Milne, Brand Manager of Protexin, winners of Best Mother & Baby Care with Bio-Kult – Infantis said: “It’s always exciting to win an award but it is a privilege to receive one when it is voted for by pharmacists who believe in and support our product. Thank you to everyone who voted for Bio-Kult – Infantis for the Best Mother & Baby care in the Natural Pharmacy Business Product Awards at the Pharmacy Show 2017.”

We at Natural Pharmacy Business magazine would like to thank all of those that voted and attended the awards ceremony and we look forward to seeing you again at next years show.

If you would like to enter your product into the 2018 Product Awards please email Nigel Howe on nigel.howe@targetpublishing.com or call 01279 810072.




Cannabis sativa plant extract goes mainstream

Carun Face Cream

Carun UK, the Active Hemp producer, is now distributed by Sigma Pharmaceuticals, giving pharmacies access to Carun Active Hemp Skin Care and Health Supplement products.

“This is a great opportunity to reach the whole community with a portfolio of high grade complementary medicine products that really work. We have a loyal group of consumers who understand the benefits of Active Hemp and the power of personal experiences is gathering pace,” says Michal Takac, Carun UK founder. “We see a whole range of disorders and problems helped or managed by our products and we see mainstream medicine now producing prescription medicines based on Cannabinoids, the key active ingredient in Active Hemp.”

“Our mission is nothing to do with legalising Cannabis,” says Takac. “Our plants are classified as industrial hemp with no psychoactive compounds. The active ingredients, among others, are wide spectrum Cannabinoids and Terpenes. They have been used for centuries in traditional medicines all over the world because of their extraordinary properties and we are committed to helping as many people as possible in the UK.”

Carun products provide pharmacists with a new option for a whole range of conditions – a natural and complementary medicine range with functional credentials that offer a significant profit opportunity to the retailer.




Elderly with low vitamin D should supplement to reduce risk of heart failure

BetterYou has welcomed new research highlighting the need for the older generation to supplement the sunshine vitamin. A study published in European Journal of Heart Failure1 reported that the risk of heart failure was more than 12 times higher in elderly vitamin D deficient participants than those with an adequate level.

These results support findings from a previous study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which found an association between vitamin D supplementation and reducing the risk of heart failure2.

This research presents more evidence in the importance of having optimal vitamin D levels, with the researchers expressing the need for supplementation. Public Health England advised in an announcement in 2016 that everyone should take a vitamin D supplement in autumn and winter to support healthy bones and muscles3. More specifically, the government suggests that ‘at risk’ groups, which include the elderly, should take a vitamin D supplement all year round. It’s estimated that 10 million people in the UK and one in eight over-50’s in Ireland suffer from low vitamin D levels.

Deficiency can be corrected by using a simple daily vitamin D oral spray that bypasses the digestive system and guarantees absorption. Multiple trials have found that oral vitamin sprays elevate serum vitamin D levels on average 2.5 times more effectively than traditional tablets and capsules4. A pilot study5 by BetterYou and City Assays (part of Sandwell and Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust) demonstrated how a high dose oral spray of vitamin D can increase vitamin D levels and resolve insufficiency/deficiency (below 50 nmol/L or 20ng/ml) to an optimal level (100-150nmol/L or 40-60ng/ml).



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  3. 3. SACN vitamin D and health report. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/sacn-vitamin-d-and-health-report
    4. A trial by the Swiss research facility Pharmabase found that, over a twelve-week clinical study, the uptake of vitamin D was 67% faster using an oral spray than using traditional tablets of the same strength. The absorption increased to 127% greater if the individual had insufficient levels to begin with. The National University of Athens looked at a similar comparison over only four weeks and found the oral spray to achieve a 52% greater absorption.
    5. Pilot trial – 24 participants, tested (results below 50n/mol) and retested 10 weeks later (using NHS home test kit) throughout 2016.



Colief launches Breathe Easy Patch for children

Vapour patch containing essential oils helps to aid gentle decongestion in children with blocked noses

Colief has launched of the Colief Breathe Easy Patch, a gentle decongestant patch which can be worn on clothing or bedding to improve breathing and ease nasal obstruction, particularly at night. Single use and easy to apply, the patch contains a formulation of essential oils including eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and rosemary oils to aid decongestion and help to ease the discomfort of colds.

“One of the main concerns of parents using essential oil products to ease decongestion is the risk of irritation to the skin, particularly in young children,” said Dawn Kelly, member of the Colief Expert Panel and former health visitor. “The Colief Breathe Easy Patch attaches to nightwear or bedding, minimising any risk of irritation and ensuring the oils remain at a safe distance from children’s airways and delicate skin.”

Babies and children often suffer from colds because their immune system is still developing, and decongestants such as eucalyptus oil can relieve the blocked or runny nose experienced by many children. Clinically tested to last up to eight hours, the natural essential oils in Colief Breathe Easy Patch alleviate nasal congestion and reduce discomfort.

Sharon Skelton, General Manager Europe, Crosscare, said: “As experts in baby health, we are constantly talking to parents to ensure we can meet their needs, and we are excited to launch the Colief Breathe Easy Patch, the latest addition to our range of products for young families.”

The Colief Breathe Easy Patch is suitable for use in children over the age of three, and is available in stores for RRP £5.95 for a pack of six. For wholesale enquiries, contact Forum Health, distributors of Colief products in the UK, at kevan.gill@forumgroup.co.uk.




Unilever acquires Pukka Herbs

Organic tea company Pukka Herbs has been acquired by Unilever to strengthen its tea business and ‘address a gap’ in its portfolio.

Pukka Herbs, which specialises in herbal infusions with exotic flavours, has a turnover of over £30 million and growth of around 30%. It was founded in 2001 by Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole.

With 100% organic and ethically-sourced ingredients, Pukka said its health and wellness philosophy centres around benefiting people, plants and the planet. The company employs around 110 people in Bristol and next year is due to move into Cadbury’s former Somerdale factory in Keynsham.

The sale may raise fears that the independent brand may lose its ethical values as it is snapped up by a multinational corporation. However, Sebastian Pole said that choosing Unilever came down to two fundamentals: scale and sustainability. “It is a leader in social and environmental change and it wholeheartedly embraces Pukka’s beliefs, so there’s a meeting of values,” he said. “Pukka will remain 100% organic and a champion for fair trading through pioneering schemes like Fair for Life, and continue to donate 1% of its sales to global environmental charities. With Unilever, we have new levels of reach and opportunity.”

Unilever’s refreshment category president Kevin Havelock believes that there is a clear ‘strategic, philosophical and cultural’ fit between Pukka and Unilever. “Pukka is a premium player in the natural, organic, health and wellness segment which is fast-growing, attractive and scalable. We look forward to bringing Pukka to even more consumers.”