Wiley’s Finest launches Vitamin K2 product at NOPE

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, the Omega-3 supplement brand that uses only certified sustainable, responsibly sourced Alaskan fish, launched a new Vitamin K2 product at the Natural and Organic Europe show in April.

The new supplement combines concentrated EPA and DHA Omega-3 with another scientifically validated ingredient – MenaQ7® Vitamin K2. This clinically proven and patented form of Vitamin K2 has been shown to support bone and cardiovascular health in human clinical trials. Wiley’s Finest K2 supplement is also the first to combine K2 and Omega-3.

The new product combines both 500mg of concentrated EPA and DHA Omega-3 from Alaska Pollock Fish Oil with a meaningful dosage of 80mcg MenaQ7® K2 per serving; this is the most bioavailable and bioactive Vitamin K2, and the only form shown to be effective at just 45mcg per day.

According to Eric Anderson of NattoPharma, the leader in vitamin K2 research and development: “Clinical studies show that Vitamin K2 is an under-consumed nutrient that is very difficult to obtain from whole foods; it is an excellent combination with supplemental EPA and DHA Omega-3 to support heart and circulatory health.”

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