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Burnout cases on the rise

Burnout cases are rising and so is the demand for HCPs to provide self-management tools

71 million people in the UK suffer from fatigue and exhaustion[i], and when left untreated, this can develop into burnout. Burnout is defined as the ‘tipping’ point of total exhaustion, either physical, mental or a combination of both. The term is most commonly linked to work, with 51% of those who experience burnout identifying work as a trigger.[ii] However, it can be linked to non-work-related situations too such as household chores or social situations.

New research from Kalms herbal remedies found that 4 out of 5 people in the UK suffer from stress and fatigue, and 70% experience anxiety and exhaustion.[iii] According to the NHS, feeling exhausted is so common that it has its own acronym, ‘TATT’, or ‘tired all the time’, and a new YouGov survey reveals that 13% of Britons exist in a state of constant exhaustion.[iv]

New Kalms consumer research[v] revealed that the most common ways consumers look for information about symptoms are talking to friends and family and doing online research. However, only 37% speak to a healthcare professional regarding symptoms. This suggests there is a huge demand for HCPs to provide self-management tools that step away from prescription medications and take a more holistic and natural approach to managing symptoms, without any side effects.

“Results from the Kalms consumer research exhibited clear signs of customers purchasing OTC mental health relief products for differing symptoms indicating consumers would prefer to take a more holistic approach when it comes to managing their burnout symptoms. Furthermore, this research revealed half of the UK population are non rejectors of OTC natural sedative remedies, this equates to 29 million potential customers.” says Elizabeth Hughes-Gapper, Kalms brand manager.

The research further highlighted consumers dislike of medicated products due to the potential side effects and concerns of clashes with medications already being taken. In addition to this, research revealed herbal remedies are preferred as consumers understand and trust their ingredients as well as believe they better support the body’s natural rhythm and are considered more traditional.

Kalms Rhodiola tablets offer a relief from stress, exhaustion and fatigue, common symptoms associated with burnout such as fatigue and exhaustion. Kalms Rhodiola can be taken on a short-term basis and is a natural product that can be used alongside prescription medication without any negative side effects.

Known for its adaptogen properties, research suggests Rhodiola rosea, the key ingredient in Kalms Rhodiola, is an effective stimulant which can help to regulate the body’s stress hormones and relieve symptoms associated with burnout[vi]. Studies have shown that two daily tablets of Rhodiola rosea can help fight fatigue and restore energy levels[vii], and increases our resistance to stress by balancing the neurotransmitters in the brain, without lowering blood sugar levels, which enhances our ability to concentrate, maintain focus, and promotes a positive mood[viii].

Kalms Rhodiola is a traditional herbal remedy used for the relief of symptoms associated with stress such as fatigue, exhaustion and mild anxiety, exclusively based on its long-standing use as a traditional herbal remedy. Always read the label.

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