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Consumers understand health benefits of probiotics

High numbers of consumers across the world understand the benefits of probiotics for gut health, new research from global ingredients specialist Kerry has shown.

Kerry-owned probiotic ingredient manufacturer, Ganeden, surveyed over 11,000 health-conscious consumers in 14 countries. When asked which health benefits they associated with probiotics, they demonstrated “particularly high levels of understanding of their importance to gut wellness”.

In the UK, 72% of consumers who were aware of cultures – a term sometimes used to describe probiotics – were able to correctly identify their benefits for digestive health.

John Quilter, VP & general manager for GanedenBC30, said: “As our research shows, consumers across the world have not only heard of probiotics, but also understand the benefits they provide. Along with the growing preference for functional foods and beverages, this high level of awareness has been a key driver for the phenomenal growth of the digestive health category.