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Dendron gets intimate with feathrs

Dendron has launched Feathrs, a 100% vegan and dermatologically-approved unisex beauty brand for intimate styling to help shower, style, soothe and smooth the intimate area. Designed to help maintain the natural pH balance of the intimate skin area and containing a hypoallergenic fragrance to avoid irritation, all Feathrs products combine a unique formulation born out of natural ingredients and contains eco-friendly rice grain within the Feathrs Exfoliating Wash. Incorporating Aloe Vera, Cranberry extracts and Witch Hazel, known for their soothing and hydrating properties, perfect for reducing redness, irritation and spots, the Feathrs intimate area skincare range includes an Exfoliating Wash, Shave Cream, Moisturising Balm and Ingrown Hair Solution.