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Head lice cause kids to feel ashamed and anxious

According to new research, 52% of parents admitted that their children get more stressed and anxious, while almost half of kids (47%) fear being bullied or teased, all thanks to head lice. That’s according to a research just published by Puressentiel who polled 1,000 parents across the UK.

Twenty-one per cent of parents worry about their children catching head lice from other children, almost a third (31%) of children are said to feel embarrassed while a fifth noted that they would be ashamed if they got head lice.

The NHS advises not to use a pesticide-based chemical treatment as a first port of call and states that permethrin, for example, is unlikely to work. Puressentiel has two products which are clinically proven to treat lice within minutes without side effects. Their Lice Repellent Spray and Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion with Comb contain no pesticides, no dimeticone, no silicone and no neurotoxic repellents. They claim to eliminate lice, nits and larvae in 10 minutes, thanks to a combination of six vegetable oils and four essential oils.