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Hope’s Relief Skincare for Eczema now Clinically Proven

Hope’s Relief natural skincare is formulated for skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis and safe for babies upwards.  Australia’s number one natural eczema range is already backed by a pilot study showing 93% of users reported significant improvement in their symptoms*, latest research has further strengthened the product credibility.

All five Hope’s Relief topical skin products have now been clinically approved and dermatologically tested. Trial results showed that all five products improved skin hydration within 20 minutes after a single application, and the effects lasted up to 24 hours**

These findings reinforce that the products can work quickly, effectively and most importantly, the effects are long lasting.

The brand has a growing customer base in the UK who are increasingly shunning chemical products and steroids prescribed by doctors, to seek out effective natural alternatives to managing dry and itchy skin complaints.

Meghna Patel, Director from Mahi Naturals, Hope’s Relief UK Distributor said: “The Hope’s Relief range is really in a class of its own with such high levels of medical grade therapeutic natural actives. We are delighted the brand now has this additional scientific research to further back up its effectiveness and reassure customers of its unique efficacy. Whilst there are many other natural eczema skincare ranges available with token amounts of active ingredients, we can show Hope’s Relief truly stands out as it has proven results backed by research.”

For retailers, Hope’s Relief offers a wide selection of POS including banners and counter display units, training, ongoing support and customer samples.