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HTC Health supports Kenyan charity

HTC Health has donated a number of bulk supplements to support the charity, Mama Biashara. The wholesaler donated flaxseed oil, calcium, vitamin C and fish oil to the Kenyan-based charity.

Mama Biashara works with the very poorest of families in slum areas across Kenya. The charity provides grants to marginalised people in Kenya so they can set up small, sustainable businesses that bring financial independence and security. Mama Biashara also provides medical clinics and advice for those who can’t pay the 80p it costs to see a hospital doctor.

Peter Groves, Managing Director at HTC Health says: “We have been long term supporters of Mama Biashara, having donated various supplements in the past to aid small communities in Nairobi. We hope that this donation will inspire more people to support Mama Biashara’s work, helping them to deliver lasting change.”