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HydraNure Produces Natural Plant-based Eczema Treatment Cream

Developed specifically to help a child’s delicate skin, HydraNure™ is natural, organic, absorbs easily and works quickly to help relieve dry, itchy and sensitive skin problems. Designed originally to control eczema in infants, HydraNure has been successful in tests carried out by the TalkHealth Partnership in conjunction with parents whose children had a variety of dry skin conditions, with 94% of parents seeing an improvement in their child’s skin in less than two weeks.

HydraNure contains five plant based ingredients known for their skin healing properties plus vitamin E, a natural eco certified preservative derived from olive oil. It contains no harsh chemical or known skin irritants such as parabens, phthalates, perfumes, mineral oil or liquid paraffin. HydraNure is vegan friendly.

HydraNure works fast but very importantly absorbs easily into the skin, a vital additional ingredient when applying to babies and children. Whilst HydraNure was specifically developed for babies and children, it works well on skin of all ages and is ideal for use after sun and as a daily moisturiser.

For more information, go to www.hydranure.com