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Lozenge aims to help smokers quit while smoking

A new smoking cessation lozenge aims to work whilst you smoke to decrease nicotine addiction step-by-step, changing the pleasure of the smoking experience so that smokers stop for good.

The Acetium lozenge helps to both kick the smoking habit and reduce nicotine dependency entirely, so you continue smoking until you feel you no longer want to smoke.

Current non-prescription smoking cessation products replace the nicotine from cigarettes with another source such as patches, vaping, gum or spray, rather than addressing ongoing nicotine dependence. Research shows 84% have tried and failed to stop smoking using quitting aids currently on the market.

When you smoke a cigarette, acetaldehyde, the major carcinogen found in tobacco smoke, dissolves into your saliva and enters your digestive system. Acetium lozenges contain a natural amino acid, L-cysteine, which effectively binds the acetaldehyde in your saliva forming a harmless compound that is easily excreted from the body. An Acetium lozenge removes up to 90% of smoke-derived acetaldehyde in saliva and changes the pleasure associated with smoking, eventually making it far less enjoyable and helping smokers quit for good.