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New Natural Hay Fever Range

New natural round the clock range launches using essential oils with antihistamine properties

A new natural therapy range, Breaze, is launching in the UK this summer ahead of the grass pollen season, offering the first round the clock cover to ease the itchy and stuffy nose associated with hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Breaze is powered by a blend of essential oils known for their antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

Designed for use alongside conventional hay fever or allergy medicines, Breaze provides extra comfort to people with seasonal allergies when pollen and dust is problematic.

Breaze brings together a unique combination of essential oils known for their therapeutic properties. The two products are designed to provide round the clock comfort in convenient and easy to use formats.

Breaze Vapour Oil offers daytime relief from symptoms when used on a tissue or hanky and the Breaze Motion Activated Pillowcase picks up where the vapour oil leaves off, offering through the night comfort using motion activated technology which releases soothing vapours as you sleep.

Founder Sam Fells said: “Our aim was to create a natural product that everyone could use. In our own research people were telling us that they were interested in a natural approach especially those who find the side effects of antihistamines problematic. They also told us that they often find eye drop and nasal sprays difficult to use when they are out and about. We wanted a range that is both convenient and easy to use, providing comfort during the day and all through the night.”

After 41 people with mild to moderate hay fever trialled the products in 2016, 80% said Breaze helped them to cope better during the hay fever season and 80% said they would recommend Breaze to others.

This summer, Breaze is due to be tested in a controlled study by the University of Lincoln School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences to scientifically measure its effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of hay fever. The results from the study are expected in September 2018.

The Breaze formulation combines a natural blend of 10 essential oils known for their therapeutic properties including:

  • Lavender oil – known to be a natural antihistamine inhibiting production of histamine and suppressing inflammatory responses in the airways. (1)
  • Clove leaf oil – known to inhibit allergic responses, reduce inflammation and histamine response. (2)
  • Lemon oil – reduces nasal mucous and throat inflammation and said to be a good alternative to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis. (3)
  • Eucalyptus oil – a powerful decongestant and natural expectorant which reduces nasal congestion and aids in clear and easy breathing. (4,5)
  • Chamomile oil – has been shown to reduce inflammation of mucous membranes and to help to calm the respiratory tract. (6)

For more information, visit: www.breazeallergy.com

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