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New NoriZite™ Nasal Spray launches in the UK

Birmingham Biotech LTD, an innovator in diagnostic tests, protective nasal sprays and mobile medical facilities, has announced that NoriZite™ Nasal Spray, an easy-to-use nasal device designed to block and trap inhaled virus particles, is now available to buy in the UK.

NoriZite™ Nasal Spray coats the nasal cavity and creates a strong barrier to physically trap viruses and help remove them from the nose before they can cause infection.

The unique formulation was developed by the Healthcare Technologies Institute at the University of Birmingham. The spray won the Materials Innovation Award 2022 at the Med-Tech Innovation Awards earlier this year.

NoriZite™ Nasal Spray combines powerful ingredients with a finely balanced viscosity to provide maximum surface coverage and long-lasting protection. The formula has been engineered to ‘plume’ rather than ‘jet’ when applied with a typical nasal spray applicator, offering up to six times more surface coverage than other nasal sprays on the market1.

Scientifically Proven
NoriZite™ contains two main ingredients: carrageenan, an antiviral agent known for inhibiting infection against several respiratory viruses2, and gellan gum, which ensures effective coverage and retention in the nasal cavity. Both are polysaccharides that coat and retain virus particles so they do not infect local cells.

Laboratory studies have shown that the NoriZite™ formulation can prevent infection of cells (in culture) with SARS-CoV-2. The research confirmed the complete inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 infection for up to 48 hours in cells exposed to the carrageenan/gellan blend.1

The formulation not only provides extensive coverage of the nasal cavity, but its sticking power is long-lasting, and studies show it is retained in the nasal passage for at least six hours after application, outperforming many other standard nasal sprays on the market.3

Professor Liam Grover from the Healthcare Technologies Institute at the University of Birmingham commented: “The formulation has been selected for its muco-adhesive properties – the ability to stick to the layer of mucous on the cells in the nasal passages. Its carefully formulated viscosity provides high surface coverage and long-lasting retention, helping it to stay in the nose rather than dripping out.”

Michael Hsu, Managing Director at Birmingham Biotech, added: “We have seen huge success with NoriZite™ in other parts of the world since launching earlier this year. The long-lasting gel-like barrier is designed to trap airborne virus particles before they have the chance to cause infection. Our carefully balanced combination of powerful ingredients offers an additional layer of protection to support people as they live their new normal.”



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