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New Product from G&G Vitamins

G&G Vitamins has launched a new children’s multivitamin product, Kid’s Rainbow Food.

The idea for the new product came about when G&G Vitamin’s Brand Director was trying to source a supplement for his two young children. He realised that whilst there were many products on the market, none of them fitted his requirements: organic, based on whole foods, balanced for the dietary requirements of a child, free from any additives, and tasty.

G&G have been developing the product for over one year and after many research papers and trial runs, the final product is finally being launched onto the UK market. It’s a blend of nutrient-rich organic fruit and vegetable extracts such as baobab, acerola, guava, kale and beetroot, blended with vegan probiotics. It’s available as a powder to mix with fruit juice, or in extra small capsules which a child can swallow. Kid’s Rainbow Food provides exact amounts of B vitamins and vitamin C for complete peace of mind for parents.

Kid’s Rainbow Food powder is available now from G&G Vitamins at www.gandgvitamins.com