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Nutrition Shown to Impact Cognition throughout Life

New research published in Nutrients underlines the importance of nutrition on brain health at every stage of life and help alleviate a wide range of cognitive issues — including evidence it could help stall dementia.

Author of the study, public health nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire, concludes that omega-3 supplementation may have an important role to play in maintaining and augmenting brain health — particularly in people with low levels of fatty acids or increased demands for them.

Dr Derbyshire, who is also an advisor to Equazen, says: “There is a lot we can do to maintain our emotional and intellectual brain power. Exercise, clinically proven omega-3 fatty acids and a diet which is high in specific B-vitamins, fruit and vegetables, will all help to support brain development and function.”

Dr Derbyshire’s review of the evidence analysed evidence from 25 randomised control trials, involving 3,633 people, which were published in the past five years and found that omega-3 supplementation could be a “useful strategy” to support brain health across the life span.