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Pharma Nord Helps Climber Conquer K2

Pharma Nord has helped intrepid climber Noel Hanna to conquer K2. The company, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, supplied its award-winning supplements to help Noel become the first person from Northern Ireland to successfully scale K2 – the second highest mountain in the world.

Pharma Nord, which is based in Northumberland, also provided sponsorship for Noel, from Dromara in County Down, to help him complete the six-week trek to the 8,611m-high (28,251ft) summit in the Himalayas.

Whilst in training for his successful K2 climb, Noel took a range of supplements, including Bio-Quinone Q10, Bio-Pycnogenol, Bio-Fish Oil Bio-Multi Vitamins and Bio-Biloba. He also took supplies of Bio-Quinone Q10 and Bio-Biloba along with him to take throughout the six-week trek to and from the peak of K2.

Noel explained: “I take the supplements every day and whenever I am climbing, on every expedition I always take Bio-Quinone Q10 to help with muscle recovery and energy and Bio-Biloba to help with circulation.”