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Pharmavita Showcases New Products at Natural & Organic Products Europe

Food supplement company Pharmavita showcased new products and range additions at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe, which took place earlier this month at London’s ExCel.

AroniaX was unveiled at the show. A new aronia berry shot, AroniaX is made using a unique concentration process that packs a high 400mg polyphenol dose in every 30ml bottle. Supplied in 7x30ml packs, it offers a daily shot of antioxidant goodness, with particular benefits for recovery after exercise and a range of other positive effects.

Aronia berries, also known as chokeberries, have a very high content of polyphenols such as phenolic acids, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, flavanols and flavanones, all bio-active compounds with protective effects. Clinical trials using AroniaX have shown an important influence on the reduction of negative effects of intense training, with a significant reduction in the levels of free radicals, an increase in antioxidant potential, the number of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Trials have also shown an ability to lower blood pressure, improve glucose tolerance, while reducing the effects of metabolic syndrome.

“AroniaX is the first aronia-based product to deliver a consistently high polyphenol dose palatably, as a result of a potent-pending process we have taken a number of years to develop,” said Pharmavita managing director Tom Zivanovic. “We are now seeking UK distribution for this exciting new addition to the wellbeing armoury.”

Also on show from Pharmavita was the EatEnjoy range of enzyme-based food supplements. EatEnjoy Guten, launched last year, is designed to ease the effects of gluten intolerance, while recently launched EatEnjoy Dairy targets dairy intolerance.

“People are starting to eat the foods they enjoy again as a result of discovering EatJoy,” said Zivanovic. “The testimonials from our consumers are amazing. Often they can eat bread and pizza or drink milk again after many years of avoidance. EatEnjoy can be truly life-changing.”

Pharmavita also showcased EatEnjoy Complete, a new product due to be launched later this year. Featuring a unique blend of enzymes with the probiotic Bacillus subtilis, EatEnjoy Complete is a general gut health food supplement which facilitates the consumption of complex foods whilst reducing feelings of discomfort and supporting regularity.

“EatEnjoy Complete is a breakthrough product; the first enzyme and probiotic blend in the rapidly developing enzyme-based food supplement market.”

The EatEnjoy range is currently sold online at www.eatenjoy.co.uk and further UK distribution is sought by Pharmavita.

“Our mission,” concludes Zivanovic, “is to bring exciting and innovative food supplements and nutritional products to market, designed to help people live life to the full.”