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Public Health England updates advice on vitamin D intake

Public Health England has updated its long-standing advice about vitamin D, stating that everyone should supplement with 10 micrograms daily and not just ‘at-risk’ groups as recommended up until now. Supplementation is a vital addition to the diet, helping to safeguard against deficiency of vitamin D, which is required by the body for bone and muscle health.

Graham Keen, Executive Director of the Health Food Manufacturers Association said: “Whilst vitamin D supplementation has long been recommended for key population groups, this broadened advice is welcome to help everyone maintain healthy joints and muscles. What’s more, this nutrient is backed by four key elements for success; the science is proven, the strategy is Government-led, a simplicity of message and a ready supply. We believe that, together, these factors will result in good uptake by the population and will demonstrate, yet again, the pivotal role that supplements can play in safeguarding the health of our nation.”