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Pukka Herbs Relaunches Detox Tea under a New Name – Feel New

In May 2018, advertising watchdog the ASA, ruled that whilst Pukka could continue to sell its Detox tea, it could not advertise it in the UK.

Pukka has since changed the name of its top five best-seller to Feel New, and reviewed the blend too, which now includes organic turmeric. The name change applies to all territories, with the exception of the US where it will remain as Detox.

Pukka co-Founder, Sebastian Pole, says he had always intended to change the name of this tea but the ASA ruling provided impetus and opportunity to review and improve the popular blend: “When we launched Detox tea in 2004, detoxing had a different meaning. In recent years, unfortunately the word ‘detox’ has become misused, with many now associating ‘de-toxing’ with crash dieting – something we have never advocated at Pukka. We are always looking to improve our range of organic herbal wellbeing products, whether it is improving the blend or ensuring we are signposting our consumers to the right herbs for their needs.”