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Quirky Combos are a Winning Formula for Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature

Two new ranges have become top sellers for Faith in Nature and although superfoods and shampoo may not seem like the most likely combination, the ranges, which include active ingredients turmeric and dragon fruit, are proving to be a hit with consumers.

The turmeric and lemon range includes shampoo, conditioner and body wash. While the distinctive yellow root, which is part of the ginger family, may not be the most obvious choice of ingredient, it has been used on the skin in India for many years. Turmeric contributes towards shiny, healthy hair and enriches the skin.

All of the same products are available in the dragon fruit range, plus hand wash, and the fruit provides a deliciously exotic aroma, as well as additional beauty benefits.

Both ranges have been rolled out to retailers. Commenting on the launch, Faith in Nature chief executive officer, Joy Parkinson said: “Consumers are increasingly realising that natural products are beneficial, not only because of the chemicals that they leave out but also because of the naturally beneficial ingredients they pack into them.”