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Deepak Bilakhia, Carrington Pharmacy
At this moment in time, we are seeing good sales of vitamin D3, across all various strengths. This is unsurprising, given the role that vitamin D plays in contributing to the normal function of the immune system. Our best-seller, and the strength that we most often recommend to our customers, is 1000iu (25µg). Where a customer presents a deficiency, highlighted by testing, we would recommend a higher strength, ranging from 2000iu to 4000iu. Lamberts Healthcare is certainly a hero brand of ours. Lamberts is a professional brand that supplies a huge range of specialist dietary supplements to pharmacists, and it is evident that my customers have a lot of trust in the brand. Another one of our best-selling products is Lamberts A to Z: a broad-spectrum multivitamin that supplies the most important micronutrients at a minimum of 100% of the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV). As a one-a-day formula that comes in a 60-fill size, the product is great value for money.

Yogesh Morjaria, Questmoor Pharmacy
It is undeniable that the pharmacy industry has played a major role in the pandemic. Whilst this pandemic continues to disrupt and transform pharmacy business strategies, it also presents new opportunities. There has been an increased focus on other areas of the business, with a strong example of this being natural healthcare, which has provided relief from the negative press that the pandemic has given. Recently, we have seen a rise in the sales of vitamins D3 and C, turmeric and magnesium supplements, potentially attributed to the flu season and the advice we offer within our pharmacy. Our number one recommended brand is Lamberts Healthcare, due to the way in which they offer a comprehensive range of the highest quality food supplements, partnered with excellent marketing support. Additionally, the service we get from our sales representative is invaluable, enabling us to stay informed on current trends and receive specialist product training, whether this be in person, or over the phone. Overall, the company offer our pharmacy tremendous support!