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Slow tech adoption impacting pharmacy services

A new survey has found that 87% of pharmacists believe the profession has been slow in its adoption of new technology when compared to other sectors. The survey, commissioned by Omnicell UK, also revealed an over-riding consensus that automation within pharmacy could improve both patient and care home services. 80% of pharmacists believe that automation can improve patient services and 72% of pharmacists believe it can improve services for care homes. In fact, nearly three-quarters (73%) of those polled believe that there should be an increased focus on the use of technology and automation on the pharmacy agenda.

Underpinning the results is a worrying belief by 93% of those interviewed, that funding cuts are the most significant threat to the immediate future of community pharmacy. This was followed by additional concerns on changing regulations like FMD, Brexit and recruitment issues. The survey is part of a new campaign by Omnicell UK to raise awareness of the importance on the use of technology to improve patient safety and support pharmacies in a challenging marketplace.