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Soft drinks and fruit juice linked to raised cancer risk

A study published by the BMJ shows a significant association between higher consumption of sugary drinks – including fruit juices – and an increased risk of cancer. Just 100ml per day was linked to an 18% increased risk of overall cancer.

Researchers at the Sorbonne University set out to assess the associations between the consumption of sugary drinks (sugar sweetened beverages and 100% fruit juices), artificially sweetened (diet) beverages, and risk of overall cancer, as well as breast, prostate, and bowel (colorectal) cancers. Their findings are based on 101,257 healthy French adults.

Several well known risk factors for cancer, such as age, sex, educational level, family history of cancer, smoking status and physical activity levels, were taken into account. During follow-up, 193 first cases of cancer were diagnosed and validated (693 breast cancers, 291 prostate cancers, and 166 colorectal cancers).