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Tea’s positive impact on blood pressure confirmed

A new review has confirmed the positive impact of regular long-term tea consumption on blood pressure and evaluated the range of mechanisms by which this positive impact occurs.

Commenting on the research, Dr Tim Bond from the Tea Advisory Panel notes: “Conducted by researchers in the United States and China, who included several meta-analyses in their paper, this review concluded that consumption of green tea significantly reduced both systolic blood and diastolic blood pressure in study participants with higher blood pressure (>130mm Hg). Black tea, which remains the most popular type of tea in Britain, also showed a systolic and diastolic blood pressure lowering effect of almost 2mm Hg and 1.5 mm Hg respectively for green and black tea consumption respectively across the meta-analyses evaluated by the reviewers. Greater blood pressure lowering effects were seen in people with higher blood pressure.

Clinician and an advisor to TAP, Dr Chris Etheridge adds: “This review confirms research that has been continually emerging for some years – that both black and green tea consumed regularly and in the long term can lower blood pressure in healthy people and in those with conditions such as diabetes.”