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Viridian is 93% plastic free

Driving sustainability and protecting the planet is at the heart of Viridian Nutrition’s mission. From choosing sustainably-grown ingredients, using recyclable packaging and bottles to selecting a renewable energy provider, Viridian is taking an environmental approach in everything it does.

By taking responsibility and adopting earth-positive actions to tackle climate change, Viridian has secured the Greenleaf Standard of Environmental Sustainability for reducing its environmental impact.

Conducted by Greenleaf TDG, the audit examines various aspects of the organisation, including emissions from materials usage, suppliers to creating digital and distribution footprints to provide an overall environmental business footprint. In awarding the certification, Greenleaf recognises Viridian for its ‘outstanding achievement of being 93% plastic-free throughout its entire operations’. Additionally, Greenleaf has highlighted the company for taking ‘significant strides’ by transitioning to LED lighting fixtures and enhancing site insulation to bolster energy efficiency.

Among the environmental practices to lower its carbon footprint, Viridian scored highly for the following areas for using:

  • 100% renewable energy provider
  • 100% LED lighting
  • 100% company vehicles are hybrid
  • 97% suppliers are UK based
  • 93% plastic free in its entire operations.