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Wassen funds research into role of omega-3 on brain health

Wassen International is funding a three-year partnership with the University of Roehampton to progress further studies on its brand Efamol. Over the past three years, Dr Simon Dyall has completed two studies into the relationship between omega-3 fatty acid intake and mobility and cognitive function in older adults. Efamol is now working with Dr Dyall on two further studies continuing to look at the role of omega-3 fatty acids combined with other nutrients for brain health, in particular stress and anxiety.

Senior Lecturer and Course Convener for the MSc in Clinical Neuroscience, Dr Dyall comments, “We will be undertaking two studies in young adults. The first will be a short duration study of 12 weeks to look specifically for the first time at the effects of supplementation on those with low blood omega-3 fatty acid levels and the second, will be a longer six-month study. This will not pre-screen for fatty acid status to ensure a diverse study population, but will look at the responses in different circulating omega-3 fatty acid levels.”