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Weleda sponsors ‘Green Pioneer’ Award

Weleda sponsored one of the 2017 P.E.A. Awards (People. Environment. Achievement) which recognise sustainable advances or achievements and shine the spotlight on sustainable superheroes all over the UK.

Weleda sponsored the 2017 Green Pioneer Award, an accolade presented to an individual, group, community, business or organisation in the UK that has been fearless enough to rip up the rulebook: the winner will have pioneered a new and more sustainable approach to a particular project or initiative, or implemented ideas that have improved sustainability.

The 2017 accolade was awarded to MacRebur, who have found a pioneering use for waste plastics: its product goes into roads, acting as a binder and replacing some of the oil-based bitumen. This creates road surfaces that have proved (in independent tests) stronger than the current asphalt mix. The product has lots more potential uses.