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Wiley’s Finest launches Bold Heart for cholesterol management

With a concentrated 2000mg of pine tree sterols per serving, Wiley’s Finest Bold Heart is a simple solution to meet daily sterol needs in a formula clinically tested to lower cholesterol.

As a water-based sterol, Bold Heart is a highly absorbable, flexible approach to natural healthy cholesterol management, delivered in single sachets that can be easily mixed with food and liquids. The product is also vegan.

Wiley’s Finest is rolling out Bold Heart across pharmacies and health food shops across the UK and Ireland due to consumer demand for plant-based products. The launch is supported by a PR and advertising strategy to educate consumers on the benefits of plant sterols.

Sterols are an effective way to reduce cholesterol, along with diet and physical activity. Globally, health experts recommend consuming 2g of phytosterols per day to maintain a healthy cholesterol. By consuming a sachet of Bold Heart per day, customers can reduce their LDL cholesterol by up to 10%. Additionally, consuming 2g of sterols in addition to a healthy diet, exercise and a prescribed statin has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol levels up to 40%.