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Cannabis Sativa Extract goes Mainstream

The Active Hemp Skin Care and Health Supplement range of products from Carun are now distributed by Sigma Pharmaceuticals. “This is a great opportunity to reach customers with a portfolio of high grade complementary medicine products that really work. We have a loyal group of consumers who understand the benefits of Active Hemp and the power of personal experiences is gathering pace,” says Michal Takac, Carun UK founder. “We see a whole range of disorders and problems helped or managed by our products and we see mainstream medicine now producing prescription medicines based on cannabinoids, the active ingredient in Active Hemp.”

“Our plants are classified as industrial hemp with no psychoactive compounds,” says Takac. “The active ingredients, among others, are wide spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. They have been used for centuries in traditional medicines all over the world because of their properties and we are committed to helping as many people as possible in the UK.”

Carun products provide pharmacists with a new option for a whole range of conditions – a natural and complementary medicine range with functional credentials that offer a significant profit opportunity to the retailer.