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Good health is valued at only £8.82 per week by UK population

The Health of the Nation survey, one of the largest of its kind and conducted by Health Food Manufacturers’ Association (HFMA), surveyed 10,000 adults from across the UK about their health habits.

  • Average Brit spends just £8.82 on keeping healthy each week
  • Men are spending more than women, with a weekly average of £9.18 over £8.46
  • 45% of over 65s admit to spending no money on their health on a weekly basis
  • One third of adult population don’t know when you should be taking vitamin D supplements
  • Over half of parents are now giving supplements to their children
  • Popularity of CBD is rising with 15% of the adult population taking the trendy new supplement, with Bristol the CBD capital of the UK

According to the survey carried out by HFMA, the average Brit spends just £8.82 a week on keeping healthy. The research also reveals men are paying more for their wellbeing, with their average weekly at £9.18, compared to £8.46 for women. Nationally, this is highest in England (£8.96), followed by Northern Ireland (£8.71), Scotland (£8.34) and lowest in Wales (£7.37). With the Office for National Statistics showing that the average weekly household expenditure in the UK has risen to £572.60, the highest weekly spend since 2005, these new figures reveal that health only makes up 1.5% of Brits’ average weekly outgoings.

The HFMA’s Executive Director, Graham Keen, commented: “The findings from this latest survey confirm what we have always known – that it is a fallacy to believe that people consider they are fundamentally healthy, or that they can maintain good health simply through their diet alone.”