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Lanes Health launches study into mental health of the nation

Lanes has launched the ‘Kalmfulness Index’, a study accessing the mental health and well-being of over 3,700 respondents – the findings of which were revealed during the National Kalmfulness Week in November.

The study asked participants to assess their health, emotional wellbeing and quality of life, to help identify their perceived ‘kalmfulness’ – defined as the ‘the state or quality of being kalm, peaceful and untroubled in the midst of daily life’. The study considered financial struggles, hours of sleep achieved, daily commutes, quality time with close relationships and more.

The findings showed that nearly half of adults (46%) living in the UK often feel stressed and unable to cope. The workplace is a key cause of stress, with more than 1 in 3 (38%) struggling to balance their work and home life, including taking care of family members. The burden of financial strain also continues to take its toll on UK adults, with over half (53%) saying they are under consistent stress due to the cost of living.

Commenting on the Kalmfulness Index, Dr Charlotte Armitage said: “This survey shows how years of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and uncertain has impacted our lives. That nearly half of people (46%) still don’t prioritise their emotional wellbeing is shocking. Looking after our mental health is not something we should just do when feeling low or anxious; it’s something we should proactively maintain, just like our physical health.”