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Wiley’s Finest launches Cod Liver Oil+

Wiley’s Finest has launched Cod Liver Oil+ with new packaging, a natural Orange Bliss flavour, science-led formula packed with brain-boosting nutrients lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins D and E and omega-3s EPA and DHA that optimise cognitive function, stress support, immunity and eye health.

Cod liver oil is the most traditional source of EPA and DHA omega-3s. Experts recommend consuming 500-1000mg per day for brain and cognitive support, yet western diets mean we consume just 100mg per day, with vegetarians and vegans consuming even less.

Cod Liver Oil+ provides 765mg omega-3s (315mg EPA and 450mg DHA). Each teaspoonful serving also includes 20mcg Vitamin D3 and 7.5mg vitamin E for immunity and bone health.

Paul Farquhar, MD of Wiley’s Finest UK says: “Over the past few decades, cod liver oil fell out of fashion. Yet sustainable cod live oil is a powerfully potent source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s that deserve recognition for its abilities to improve cognition and immunity.”