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Optibiotix increases retail presence of Cholbiome in Bulgarian market

OptiBiotix Health Plc., a leading life sciences business focused on harnessing the power of the human microbiome, is bringing its revolutionary CholBiome® range to pharmacies of major Bulgarian cities and pharmacy e-shops, covering 70% of the population, through its existing partnership with pharmaceutical and medical company Velinoff Pharma.

The collaboration has seen the company’s CholBiome range, containing its patented probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum, LPLDL® , increasing its retail presence in pharmacies of Bulgaria and being promoted into a market where cardiovascular diseases are significant causes of morbidity and mortality.

Luis Gosalbez, OptiBiotix Business Development Director, said: “We’re pleased to bring our innovative cholesterol-reducing products to established outlets, adding value to its growing global footprint in increasing markets.”

“The collaboration is a great example of our approach to introduce products to new markets and key reputable outlets in a growing geographical manner. It is also well aligned to help reduce cardiovascular risk factors in a country with a high prevalence of these conditions and we look forward to raising the product awareness of CholBiome in this region.”

Bulgaria has some of the highest mortality rates in Europe caused by cardiovascular disease, accounting for up to 64% of all deaths, according to the World Health Organisation. In Bulgaria, food supplements are purely sold in pharmacy outlets and across entire national pharmacy outlet pharmnet, via leading wholesalers of medicinal products in the country. Utilising national pharmnet retail sales channels, Velinoff Pharma can achieve nationwide reach – upon request, patients will be able to walk into any pharmacy, order CholBiome at any time and receive the stock the same day with professional product handling and pharmacists that can offer advice.

CholBiome’s strong retail presence in pharmacies of major cities such as Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna cover a combined 70% of the country’s population.

CholBiome products containing LPLDL have a unique ability to reduce both cholesterol and blood pressure providing a natural product, backed by clinical studies, to help reduce cardiovascular risk factors.

Velinoff Pharma is a private pharmaceutical and medical company based in Bulgaria. The company works closely with leading, science-backed pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide the most effective, patient-centred, novel therapies – helping doctors and pharmacists with the right and sure choice.