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Solaray launches new beauty category

Solaray, the trusted number one for VMS in USA, Norway and Denmark since 1973, has expanded into the growing nutricosmetics market with the launch of its first ‘beauty’ category.

Revealed as part of its brand refresh campaign, the beauty category features four key products: Hair Skin & Nail, Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid, Selenium 100, and Timed-Release Biotin, with the category set to expand.

Nutricosmetics are products for nutrition and personal care, which promote protection and renewal and are used to tackle issues with the skin, hair, nails and weight.

Speaking of the new category, Solaray Country Manager, Martin Watson, said: “Interest in nutricosmetics has grown in recent years, due to increasing hair and skin care problems but also rising awareness of health management.

“The introduction of our new ‘beauty’ category has allowed us to provide an offering in this area to independent retailers. The global market for nutricosmetics is expected to reach $5.6 billion by 2028, so we are looking forward to seeing the category grow and develop over time.”

Designed to help people live brighter and support their health and life ambitions, Solaray’s range of 90+ products are sourced from the finest natural ingredients, harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner and rigorously tested for efficacy and purity.

Solaray products are available from CLF Distribution, Jumla and Independent Irish Health Foods.